Cover Manga
Taal EN
ISBN nummer 9781975397852
Uitgeverij YEN PRESS
Scenarist Sanshokuamido,
Tekenaars Sanshokuamido,
Nummer 1
Genre Manga
Gewicht 190
Brand Code XX
Levertermijn Précommande
Diamond Code MAY242068
FocVendorDate 1899-12-31
Verschijningsdatum 21-08-2024
Niet bestelbaar Stripweb prijs: 13,00
Jammer, STRATEGIC LOVERS GN VOL 01 is tijdelijk niet beschikbaar.

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Kouta Higashiyama's father is the enormously wealthy founder of a corporate behemoth-but his mother was the man's twenty-third mistress! He thought the issue of succession and inheritance had nothing to do with him. And it didn't-until he was suddenly kidnapped as a candidate to be the next chairman, and dropped in front of five beautiful girls, all of whom are in contention to become his lover… But is his whole life really all about choosing whatever and whoever he wants? Or will Kouta himself be the one to be chosen…?