Cover Manga
Taal EN
ISBN nummer 9798891600416
Scenarist Tamura, Yumi
Nummer 5
Genre Crime
Gewicht 190
Brand Code Manga
Cover artiest Usamaru Furuya
Levertermijn Précommande
Diamond Code MAY242190
FocVendorDate 2024-06-16
Verschijningsdatum 21-08-2024
Niet bestelbaar Stripweb prijs: 24,99
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The Hatomura twins are constantly switching places, and Totonou has been tasked with finding a way to tell them apart once and for all. But everything changes when he stumbles upon the family's dark and dangerous secret. Totonou soon figures out how to tell the sisters apart, but by revealing it is he putting the girls in danger? Then, when Detective Aoto's daughter is kidnapped, he finds himself teaming up with Totonou to get her back. Things get complicated when the kidnapping's connections to a cold case from eight years ago come to light, the very same case that earned Detective Aoto infamy for accusing an innocent man of murder! Collects volumes 9 and 10.