Candy & Cigarettes 2

Candy & Cigarettes

Couverture Softcover
Langue EN
Pagination 194
Numéro ISBN 9781638587460
Éditeur Seven Seas
Numéro 2
Mots clés Manga
Date de parution 10-05-2023
1-5 jours ouvrables Prix BD Web Membre: 13,99

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BREAKING EVERY LINK OF THE CHAIN To earn money for his grandson’s medical care, Hiraga Raizou signed up with a secret government organization of assassins. He’s partnered up with a child-aged killer, Suzukaze Miharu, to take down the bad guys out of the law’s reach. One criminal is at the top of Miharu’s hit list, Musou Saburo, the crime kingpin of The Great Chain. He murdered her family and Miharu won’t put away her guns until every link of his crime empire is destroyed! With Raizou’s help, these two will tear through the Japan’s criminal underworld!
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Prix BD Web Membre: 13,99
1-5 jours ouvrables