candy and cigarettes 1

Candy and cigarettes 5

Couverture softcover
Langue NL
Numéro ISBN 9781685795108
Éditeur Seven seas
Numéro 1
Mots clés candy and cigarettes
Date de parution 15-07-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 13,99

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Tomonori Inoue Raizou and Miharu have tailed Musou Saburou to the United States, where the notorious drug lord El Gambino is hiding him as he awaits an illicit heart transplant. Their CIA contact points them towards El Gambino's hideout.They head in to take him down, only to find they've walked right into his trap! It'll take a blend of quick thinking and extreme violence for the unlikely duo of assassins to make it out of this one alive... In English