Batman beyond the White Knight 4

Batman beyond the White Knight Engels

Couverture Softcover
Langue EN
Pagination 64
Numéro ISBN 9789464604481
Scenario Murphy, Stewart
Numéro 4
Mots clés comics, DC, actie
Date de parution 05-12-2023
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 10,95

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A NEW BATMAN A lot can change in 12 years, especially in Gotham! With Bruce Wayne behind bars, a new Batman arrives on the scene. But will he be the last Dark Knight? Gotham Motors CEO Derek Powers has seized control of the Wayne family’s assets, using them to transform the Gotham Terror Oppression Unit, along with the city it’s supposed to protect. With the crime rate down, only the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, is fully aware of the true danger the city is in. The clock is ticking for Bruce in more ways than one after Harley Quinn’s daughter goes missing. And if she takes after her father, the fate of the city is in her hands! Bruce will need one of his forgotten sons’ help to stop her...Enter Jason Todd, the first Robin! But another unlikely ally is lurking around the corner. Could The Joker be back in Gotham? Tekst & tekeningen: Sean Murphy ISBN 3/4. 9789464604474 Softcover 64 blz.