Couverture Comic
Langue EN
Scenario Vaughn
Dessin Fraim
Numéro 1
Genre Horror
Poids 62
Description de la variante CVR B HOMAGE
Brand Code XX
Cover artiest Fraim, Brendon
Diamond Code AUG231535
Date limité de precommande 2023-10-02
Date de parution 25-10-2023
Livrable entre 2 et 4 semaines Prix BD Web Membre: 4,99

Plus d'infos

It's Al Capone, he's back, he's a vampire, and he's decided to take over Chicago, again. This is one of those rare times when the title almost does really tell you everything you need to know… Only there's way more, we promise! The original Scarface is back in a big way and the gangs of Chicago - and the other vampires - better look out!