Thunderbolt Fantasy

TF Omnibus Vol 3-4

Cover Softcover
Taal EN
Pagina's 386
ISBN nummer 9781685793364
Uitgeverij Seven Seas
Scenarist Gen Urobuchi
Trefwoorden Manga
Verschijningsdatum 29-07-2023
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SWORDS FLASH AND ADVENTURE AWAITS IN THIS THRILLING ADAPTATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION PHENOMENON! In bygone times, the Sword of Divine Retribution was used to strike down demons and bring peace to the world. Now it is nearly in the grasp of the evil Xuan Gui Zong, a sect of devious martial artists whose master will stop at nothing to possess the ultimate blade. Eight brave companions have gathered to prevent that doom from falling upon the world. Together, they must face a gauntlet of challenges. Yet the ultimate fate of their mission may lie in the hands of Shang Bu Huan, a wanderer from a distant land whose past is as mysterious as his blade is mighty… The final volume!
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