Shy 2


Cover Softcover
Taal EN
Pagina's 210
ISBN nummer 9781975352394
Uitgeverij Yen Press
Scenarist Miki Bukimi
Reeks Shy
Nummer 2
Trefwoorden Manga
Verschijningsdatum 04-04-2023
2-5 werkdagen Stripweb prijs: 13,00

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Levertijd 5-10 Werkdagen Shy's shown she can handle the basics of being a hero, but with the boy known as Stigma still at large, that might not be enough. Determined to become stronger, she holds a mock battle against the British hero, Stardust-one of the most famous figures in the hero world, and a merciless opponent. With her status as a hero on the line, can Shy awaken to new powers!?
Stripweb prijs: 13,00
2-5 werkdagen
Stripweb prijs: 13,00
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