Cover Manga
Taal EN
ISBN nummer 9781646519330
Gewicht 190
Brand Code Manga
Levertermijn Précommande
Diamond Code FEB248856
FocVendorDate 2024-06-02
Verschijningsdatum 01-01-1900
Pre-order Stripweb prijs: 13,99
Pre-order A DO GN VOL 03

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Artists: (W/A/CA) Amano Jaku A brash young woman and a boy with a mysterious arm search for answers while evading military assassins in this dystopian sci-fi action manga, perfect for fans of Akira and Sakamoto Days. DOUBLE TROUBLE After successfully dispatching the hulking assassin known as Demian, Eito finds himself facing down two of his comrades, Rin and Ain. He soon discovers that this new pair of foes won't be half as easy as Demian. Between fending off Ain's venomous vines and Rin's drill-like appendages, Eito is hard-pressed to land a single blow. What follows is a desperate defensive battle that will push Eito's abilities to the limit.