Bungo Stray Dogs WAN 4

Bungo Stray Dogs WAN

Couverture Softcover
Langue EN
Pagination 132
Numéro ISBN 9781975340339
Éditeur Yen Press
Numéro 4
Mots clés manga
Date de parution 02-02-2020
1-5 jours ouvrables Prix BD Web Membre: 13,00

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Levertijd 5-10 Werkdagen The various organizations of Bungo Stray Dogs continue to enjoy their everyday lives, whether it ’s the Armed Detective Agency showing off their best impersonations or the Port Mafia trying to find a replacement hat for Chuuya. However, a new secret society is lurking in the dark corners of Yokohama—one composed solely of characters with glasses?!
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Prix BD Web Membre: 13,00