Berserk 14


Couverture Softcover
Langue EN
Pagination 168
Numéro ISBN 9781506733777
Série Berserk
Numéro 14
Mots clés Manga
Date de parution 02-02-2022
Disponible Prix BD Web Membre: 14,99

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The world of manga was devastated by the May 2021 death of Berserk creator Kentaro Miura, but Miura-sensei left behind one final volume to cap his thirty-plus-year commitment to his signature vision. While Miura’s epic remains unfinished, Berserk Volume 41 is a fitting curtain call for the beloved series, filled with joy, sadness, laughter, and imagination. Includes a two-sided color poster insert. Though Casca has at last been released from the prison of her own mind, she cannot escape the reminders of the terrors she has experienced. And nothing triggers the return of these harrowing memories than Guts the Black Swordsman, who faced those same horrors in his relentless quest to bring Casca to a place where she might be healed. But the reappearance of a strange, mute boy could well be the key to bringing peace to Casca’s troubled soul.