Afro Samurai 1

Afro Samurai

Couverture TPB
Langue EN
Pagination 176
Numéro ISBN 9781787739000
Numéro 1
Mots clés comics, samurai
Date de parution 20-05-2023
1-5 jours ouvrables Prix BD Web Membre: 29,99

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'Gotta figure out a way to get this on the Big Screen!!! My Man Takashi Okazaki did his thang with this one!' - Samuel L Jackson For fans of the original Afro Samurai manga and anime, this new “director’s cut” edition of the out-of-print cult classic book features a specially commissioned custom cover and a brand-new foreword by creator Takashi Okazaki. In a feudal, futuristic Japan, samurai battle to become No.1 and rule the world, but when his father, who holds the coveted position, is challenged and killed, the young Afro Samurai vows vengeance. Relentlessly pursued by murderous assassins, will he stay alive long enough to keep his promise? In the first of two volumes, we see the beginnings of young Afro’s quest, his battles with an array of assassins and warlords, that climaxes in the epic confrontation with the powerful Empty Seven Clan and a showdown with an old enemy…